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Tom Hayes-Isaacs

Tom Hayes-Isaacs

Who am I

Hi, my name is Tom Hayes-Isaacs and I am a passionate HIV activist and advocate. Working across the UK and Europe I aim to both help reduce the number of new diagnoses, and improve life for those living with HIV.

Born in October 1985 I grew up in the the Midlands, after school and college I found work in the IT sector. I was then diagnosed HIV positive on August 4th 2011, a day that changed my life, and my work forever.

From the week after my diagnosis I started blogging my journey – anonymously as UKPositiveLad. The blogs followed the ups and downs I experienced as I grappled with my new status, my fragile mental health and the minefield of sex and relationships as a newly diagnosed gay man. You can read these blogs here

Since then I’ve dedicated myself to tackling stigma and improving education around HIV, sexual health and mental health – with an aim of improving life for people living with HIV, and bringing down the number of new diagnoses.

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